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SBSM offers to host a MSCA-IF candidate to run a two years project.

Project description

Currently implementation of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)  and Open Science principles into life science research faces several barriers at individual, institutional and administrative levels. Looking at the institutional and individual level, we see that the culture and structures of our educational and research systems are often inadequate to ensure appropriate education in RRI and to OS. New strategies and actions are needed in order to achieve the transformation of the way research is performed and to fill the gaps present in different education programmes across European countries. These strategies have to be

  • broad to cover principles that can be extended to any scientific domain and discipline yet cover the specific needs of the domain which they are taught and
  • internationally valid within and across countries, languages and cultures) and to cover societal engagement.

SBSM is investigating and developing measures supporting and training of young researchers of how to

  • manage,
  • make open,
  • communicate and
  • preserve their research findings across European institutions.

A special focus will be given on the development of concepts for stakeholder engagement. We aim to develop new tools facilitating life-science researchers to co-creation with stakeholders from the non-academia. We are looking for interested researchers preferable from social science which knowledge in RRI and who are interested to work on RRI solutions tailor made for application in biotechnology. In return, we provide the candidate with our experience in the development of professional training. In addition, the candidate will benefit from our excellent network.

Candidates who are interested in contributing to this are welcome to call for expression of interest. Please send us a mail including

  • a short description of your project idea
  • CV
  • a referency or a recommendation letter

latest until August 1, 2020.

Who can apply?

Applications from interested researchers enthusiastic to engage in this field, who like to work interdisciplinary and who are interested in teaching. Ideal candidates should have a certain amount of experience in working independently. We expect fluently spoken and written English language skills.
However, please notice, that we will only accept applications from (Post-doctoral) researchers fulfilling the MSCA-IF-eligibility criteria

We offer

We offer an excellent working environment with dedicated colleagues and flexible working hours. The successful candidate will receive support to find a flat, for moving to Berlin and will participate a German language course.  He/she will trainend in transferable skills via participation in the training activities we offer.

Hosting offer at EURAXESS


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