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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions PF

Topic: SSH 4 natural and LifeScience Research

If you are interested in conducting your PF within SBSM, please get in touch with us. We are highly interested in projects that combine methods from social science and humanities with natural- and life science topics.

The developments towards a knowledge society are reflected in citizens' broader access to knowledge and the stronger coupling of science and socially useful innovations. In order to accelerate this process and make research results more valuable, social and humanities methods, practices and know-how are increasingly being integrated into MINT and life sciences research projects. The interaction of these different disciplines is also increasingly required in funding instruments.

Unfortunately, there are often very different expectations and ideas on both sides regarding the integration and mixing of the above-mentioned disciplines, which lead to communication and understanding problems. Furthermore, natural and life scientists are often overwhelmed when it comes to applying the methods and know-how (such as e.g., stakeholder engagement or citizen science  from the SSH disciplines in their field.

Interested candidates should therefore work intensively with representatives of the natural and life sciences to develop tools and handouts that will be accepted by both sides,  and are used to benefit society.
Eligibility criteria
The applicant must have been defended their doctoral thesis and addressed any corrections required by their examiners before the MSCA-PF application deadline (11 September 2024). Furthermore, their doctoral degree must have been awarded no more than eight years before that deadline (years of experience outside research and documented career breaks will not count towards the eight-year maximum). The applicant can be of any nationality and must not have spent more than 12 months in Germany in the three years immediately prior to 11 September 2024. If the applicant applied for an MSCA-PF in the 2023 competition and received a score of less than 70%, then they are not eligible to apply in the 2024 competition.

Please send your CV (max. three pages), a covering letter explaining why you wish to apply for an MSCA-PF  and an outline for a research project that would strengthen and complement the presented research profile as attachments to info[at]sb-sciencemanagement by June 30, 2024. Selected candidates will be informed by July 6.
The successful candidates will be invited to a Zoom meeting in mid-July 2024. At this meeting, candidates will present their project plans and discuss them with the SBSM team.
Candidates will work with SBSM to write a proposal to be submitted as part of the MSCA-PF call.

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